Koch Ag Services supplies rugged cameras and monitors suitable for mounting on machinery to ensure you are aware of everything that is going on around you. Display up to 4 camera feeds on one screen so you don't miss a thing.


  • Rugged design
  • Aluminium case
  • Magnetic base, or screw mounted
  • Waterproof IP68/69
  • Viewing angles 15 - 92 degrees


  • Agriculture Displays7" displays
  • 9" displays
  • Up to 4 camera inputs
  • Up to 4 camera feeds displayed at one time (i.e screen quartered)
  • Remote control
  • Event triggering (i.e. putting vehicle in reverse makes reverse camera active)
  • Rugged design
  • AC or DC power input
  • PAL & NTSC

Download the Ag Cam Monitor & Camera Fact Sheet

Download the Overview Monitor & Camera Fact Sheet

We have a variety of kits which include a monitor, multiple cameras and all of the necessary cabling. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can tailor a package specifically to your needs.

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