Increase yields and save money when planting, spraying, spreading, or fertilising. Adjust your rate manually or with a Trimble display to automatically vary the rate using prescriptions.

Variable Rate Application Control

  • Field-IQ Variable Rate Application ControlSimultaneously control the application rate of up to six different materials when using the FmX display, including seed, granular seed, granular fertiliser, liquid, and anhydrous ammonia in different combinations
  • Two material rate control capability when using the CFX-750 display
  • Variable rate control of materials can be achieved with a prescription VRA map or in real-time with a GreenSeeker system for more efficient fertiliser utilisation
  • As-applied mapping records where you’ve applied inputs and automates record keeping
  • Adjust your seed population, fertiliser rates, or spray application manually or using a prescription created with farm Works office software
  • Apply a high population to fertile or well irrigated soils to maximise yield potential while reducing the rate on less fertile or poorly irrigated soils

Seed Monitoring

  • Field-IQ Seed MonitoringAdvanced seed monitoring increases the quality of seed placement by delivering singulation details from the seeding system to the operator, allowing for on-the-go planter tuning
  • CFX-750 display now supports simple seed monitoring and singulation analysis
  • Prevent costly planter problems by catching them early before they cause yield reduction
  • See results of singulation analysis including information on population, singulation, skips/multiples, spacing, and quality of spacing


The sprayer function manages accurate liquid application:

  • Field-IQ SprayingControl up to 48 sections or nozzles and shut off sections in waterways and point rows to avoid overspraying
  • Connect directly into the vehicle boom shutoff valves so no additional cables are required
  • Connect using platform-specific kits designed to work with existing sprayer components including factory-installed switches
  • Utilise the GreenSeeker system for top dress nitrogen applications for more efficient fertiliser use


The spreader function manages accurate granular application:

  • Field-IQ SpreadingVary rates of fertiliser or lime with prescriptions to save money, increase yields, and keep records of what was applied
  • Avoid overlap by shutting off spreading when going over previously-applied areas
  • Connect directly into the spreader manufacturers' existing components with a Field-IQ system
  • Use a Rawson PAR 40 variable rate drive for very fast response going from stand-still to material application
  • Applicators can now automatically control spinner speed for spreader application systems with an FmX display and Field-IQ system

Which Trimble Display Is Right For Your Field-IQ System Needs?

Both the CFX-750 and FmX displays provide a powerful interface for the Field-IQ crop input control system. use this table to identify your flow and application control needs and find the display that’s right for you.

  CFX-750 Display FmX Display
NUMBER OF CONTROLLED SECTIONS (Section Control Types) up to 48 up to 48
- Tru Count Clutches    
- Tru Count LiquiBlock Valves    
- Boom Valve    
NUMBER OF CONTROL DRIVES (Control Drive Types) up to 2 up to 6
- Rawson    
- Servo    
- PWM    
- Linear Actuator    
- Electric Over Hydraulic    
- Spinner Speed Control    
NUMBER OF MATERIALS (Material Types) up to 2 up to 6
- Seed    
- Granular Fertiliser    
- Liquid    
- Anhydrous    
- Basic Population    
- Singulation Analysis    
- GreenSeeker system    
- Shapefile Prescription Map    

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