EZ-Guide 250 System

The EZ-Guide 250 system provides high-quality, entry-level guidance capabilities at an entry-level price. it is well-suited for cereal crop applications that can be accomplished with sub-metre accuracy. Perform manual guidance or add a steering system to make your farming operations easier—day or night.

Display Features

  • Compact 10.9 cm color display
  • One-touch function buttons
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • 15 built-in LED lights
  • High-performance, integrated GPS receiver

Key Precision Agriculture Capabilities

  • Manual guidance and mapping
  • Trimble steering system compatibility
  • USB data transfer for in-office analysis

Simple installation and ease of use

With its color display, one-touch function buttons, and intuitive interface, the EZ-Guide 250 system allows you to quickly access guidance lines and coverage maps and easily perform your day-to-day farming tasks.

Enhanced Performance

By offering overhead and perspective views of your field, the EZ-Guide 250 system allows you to easily see where you are and where you have been. It also features bright guidance LEDs that provide visual feedback to keep you on track.

Basic Satellite Coverage and Accuracy Levels

The EZ-Guide 250 system is compatible with the GPS satellite constellation in many areas of the world. Get submeter pass‑to-pass accuracy with SBAS—ideal for farming applications that can be accomplished with lower-accuracy corrections.

Available Corrections

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