FmX Integrated Display

The FmX integrated display is an advanced, full-featured guidance display for all your precision farming operations. From basic mapping to advanced operations such as application control, field levelling or drainage, and harvesting, the FmX display has you covered. It’s versatility allows you to adapt as your farming business grows.

Display Features

  • Large 30.7 cm color touchscreen display
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • Four video camera inputs
  • Two high-performance, integrated GPS/GNSS receivers

Key Precision Agriculture Capabilities

  • Trimble steering system compatibility
  • Implement control
  • Spinner speed control for spreaders
  • Advanced seed monitoring
  • Six-product VRA control
  • Automatic section control
  • Nitrogen sensing in real time
  • Land leveling and drainage
  • Yield monitoring
  • Vehicle to vehicle info sharing
  • Wireless data transfer for in-office analysis

Simple Installation and Ease of Use

With its color touchscreen display and intuitive interface, the FmX display allows you to easily perform a wide range of advanced precision farming functions.

Precise Farming—No Matter Where You Operate

The FmX display is compatible with a variety of satellite constellations and accuracy levels—ideal for almost any location, crop type, field shape, or soil type.

Advanced Capabilities For All Stages of the Crop Cycle

Increase productivity throughout the year—from land preparation through the planting, nutrient and pest management, harvest, and water management stages of the crop cycle.

Efficient Data Transfer Throughout the Farm

Wirelessly share data between vehicles or transfer information from the field to the office in real time—providing all your operators with up-to-date, consistent maps and guidance lines.

Available Corrections

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