RTK & Corrections

Since 2005 when Koch Ag started with its first base station the network has expanded to include 11 RTK sites over the Yorke peninsula and sites on the southern Eyre peninsula. We offer both radio delivered corrections and corrections delivered using a DCM modem as the Rover. The great thing about using modems is that there are no line of site issues with the base station and the same DCM can be used for wireless data transfer from the Tractor to the Office or Trimble's Connected Farm.

RTK Corrections

RTK RTK offers 2.5 centimetre year to year repeatability for farming activities like inter-row sowing, controlled traffic and situations where accurate elevation is essential. We can offer this service via rover radio’s or cellular modems.

Centrepoint RTK Centrepoint RTK is a cellular delivered correction with 4cm repeatability which is ideal for use where there is not a base network available and there is a need for high accuracy corrections. Its is only available with the Trimble products FMX, CFX and 372 receivers.

Omnistar Omnistar HP offers 5-10 centimetre repeatability and is ideal for situations where there is not a local base network and only a medium level of accuracy is needed.

To find out more about how Koch Ag can provide accurate repeatability for your cropping needs, please contact us.