Implement Control

To increase your planting accuracy, add one of Trimble’s implement control options. Implement control helps you guide your implement on line, so you can operate with ease - no matter the guidance path or terrain in your field. With Trimble’s implement control options, you can:

  • guide your implement on hillsides, rolling terrain, contours, or terraces and in variable soil conditions
  • minimise the effects of draft
  • increase your precision with seed and fertiliser placement
  • result in more consistent guess rows
  TrueGuide System TrueTracker System
Type of control Passive – tractor guides implement Active – implement steers itself
FmX display compatibility    
Additional steering equipment on implement    
Direction of control    
- Forward    
- Backward    
Terrain compensation   T3 – on tractor & implement
- Roll    
- Pitch    
- Yaw