Vehicle Steering

In addition to the manual guidance available with any Trimble guidance display, Trimble offers assisted and automated steering options for use on your farming vehicles. Use our steering options to keep your vehicle on line, so you can relax and focus on other farming tasks.

  • complete field applications more quickly, accurately, and safely
  • reduce operator fatigue and input costs
  • minimise skips, overlaps, and guess rows
  • operate during day or night and in dusty or low-visibility conditions.

Additionally, Trimble’s steering systems use advanced terrain compensation technology to immediately calculate the actual position of the vehicle for improving accuracy in difficult conditions such as rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground.

  EZ-Steer System EZ-Pilot System Autopilot System
EZ-Guide 250 compatibility      
CFX-750 compatibility      
FmX compatibility      
Guidance-ready vehicle compatibility      
Terrain Compensation T2 T3 T3
- Roll      
- Pitch      
- Yaw