The Trimble Autopilot automated steering system provides integrated, high-accuracy steering in any field type - hands free. The Autopilot system automatically steers your vehicle on line for maximum precision and increased productivity in the most demanding row crop farming applications.

Clutter-Free Installation

The Autopilot system integrates directly into your vehicle's hydraulics, allowing you to obtain clear access to cab controls. It also plugs in to many guidance‑ready vehicles, minimizing the need for additional equipment.

Increased Productivity

With maximum precision and speeds up to 30 mph (40 kph), the Autopilot system can help you complete field operations quickly and efficiently. The handsfree guidance allows you to reduce fatigue and improve safety on your farm.

High Accuracy On Any Terrain

Guide your vehicle with one-inch repeatability and improve your accuracy in rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground. Advanced T3 sensors built into the the Autopilot system navigation controller calculate the roll angle of your vehicle to shift it on line—helping minimize skips and overlaps between each pass.

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